Music and Education

I think we all should make music part of our children’s education. They learn from music from a very early age. We buy them toys that make music as babies and they reach out for that. They learn from music, just like when they sing their ABC’s. While learning with music they use their ears and mind. There’s a relationship between music and language, and overtime the music will become a process which may lead to song writing.

5567930_origThey have also found that children who learn music have a higher IQ. They create various links that will go together much in the same way they study math.

Music is fun ,for everyone. We all have our favorite artist and our own type of music we can relate to. In our children most every cartoon they watch has music and this helps them to remember things about what they have seen. They can listen to national anthem and remember it word for word, or Christmas carols they all love so much. I personally remember every hymn that was sung in church growing up.

Music is a part of our lives. It calms us at our weakest and uplifts us to be stronger. Musical skills are life skills that will engage us throughout our life. We may not be able to play an instrument, but we can watch others do it and enjoy it. Learning music and moving to the rhythm is very pleasurably . We know this as babies and it continues, the rest of our lives.

Life without music would be horrible. How would we express ourselves. It enriches our lives, and makes thing interesting and happy for kids. Whether it’s learning to sing or play the piano, music touches us all. It touches our hearts our minds and our souls. Without music this world would be a very dim place to live.