Music as a Tool for Learning

Hearing a song that is familiar can help us to recall certain moments from the past. We can also get a song stuck in our head once it is ingrained in our memory. This is because music stimulates part of the brain that enhance memory. With this knowledge, it is possible

to help a child retain what they learn through music. Below are some ways to do just that.

  • Go on a learning journey. Play music that is reflective and meditative while you and your child pretend to go on an imaginative journey.
  • Mix visual and audio. When you connect visual aids to data, it also helps your child recall the information. Using the visual and audio together is a powerful force to be reckoned with.
  • Remember verbs using bass. Turn up your music and let it stimulate your child. Let them feel the bass in their chest. This causes them to move. Movement is a verb that they can learn. It helps them to find their descriptive language in order to explain how the music makes them feel.
  • Put a tune with a task. When you add rhythm and rhyme, your child is able to more effectively memorize things. Raps and chants improve their memory of details and makes it easier for them to recall information later. Use this to your advantage by taking the child’s favorite song and change the words around to fit the lesson they are learning. They can sing that version of the song to help them retain information.
  • Go on a walk. While on a walk in nature, have your child think about a theme for a short story. When you go back inside, play music that is from nature and have the child recall and write down their ideas. The sounds will help the child recall how they felt on the walk. I did this with my child through The Woodlands Landscaping Company. We had a great time there.

These are just a few of the many different ways to help your child learn through music. Give these a try with your child.