The Karaoke DJ

karaoke-dj-blendedSpeaking as a DJ for  seven years I’m here to tell you, It was the most fascinating time of my life. I did bars, graduations, birthday parties and just simple get together’s. I always told  my audience, that this wasn’t star search, it didn’t matter if you thought you couldn’t  sing it was all about the fun. I always used my sound board to help people sound better. There was always fun every moment.

New years were always the best for me. I would have a great audience and the countdown was always the best. I hosted quite a few children parties. Kids were never nervous. They loved sing a longs. I also found that some children should make recordings and they were so awesome. Back then we used huge speakers, a CD player for the karaoke Cd’s and a small TV monitor, along with a sound board where we could alternate the music to fit the singer’s voice. Everyone enjoyed it. Now you can buy karaoke machines with sing-a-long songs already inside. You can also do it on the internet. Now to me this takes away all of what I call the pump factor. The DJ himself. This was the person who got you motivated, This was the person who got everyone to applaud for you. This was the person who made sure everyone had a good time, and made you feel for a moment you were a star.

Out the hundreds of shows I’ve done I never had a problem. Everyone was happy, I guess music does calm the savage beast. Music does help to calm us or to make us happy or make us remember a time in our life when things were good or bad. The best part of it all, we carry it in our heart, and it’s always there to remind us, when things get tough or we just need to remember.